TOS Meets with Governor's Administration Team Regarding Opioids - Tennessee Orthopaedic Society
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TOS Meets with Governor’s Administration Team Regarding Opioids

TOS Meets with Governor’s Administration Team Regarding Opioids

February 8, 2018 – Nashville, TN: Phil Karpos, MD, President of the Tennessee Orthopaedic Society and Matt Scanlan, lobbyist for TOS met with members of the state Governor’s office regarding Governor Haslam’s bill aimed at curbing opioid abuse.

The bill restricts opioid prescriptions according to whether a patient is opioid naïve and whether they are an acute care patient. For opioid naïve patients, the bill only permits one 5 day prescription but permits another prescription to be written and filled following the first five day course. The bill further restricts opioids to 40 MME per day for opioid naïve patients. This meeting, arranged by Mr. Scanlan, allowed orthopaedic surgeons to have a first hand voice in expressing support for opioid public policy and concerns regarding the Governor’s proposed legislation.

Dr. Karpos explained the concerns of the TOS board who responded to the requests for comments on this bill and explained some of the unintended consequences and practical realities of orthopaedic surgery. We expect the Governor’s office to undertake some extensive revisions to the bill as proposed and will keep you updated as to its progress.

If you may contact TOS with questions or concerns at:

Tennessee Orthopaedic Society
P.O. Box 331607
Nashville, TN 37203
T: 615.414.6355